learn a little about Grant Pitcher

Passionate Photographer  |  Adores his family  |  Lover of coffee, sport and the mountains

gp-profile-portraitIt is my goal to become one of South Africa’s most respected photographers, especially noted for the capture of two core disciplines, sensational architecture and high impact food and beverage imagery.

Architecture is, in essence, the most practical of all the art forms. The environment in which we live, our built environment, the designs of homes, work places or vacation resorts and the interrelation between the spaces within them, have an effect on those residing within – directly and continuously. My goal as an architectural photographer is to bring to life this inhabited sculpture and portray these structures painted with perfect light.

The photography of food is inspired by my love of cooking, passion for exceptional coffee and the art of fine dining. Great food always invokes strong reactions and a well shot photograph should tantalize the taste buds and elicit the same mouth-watering sensation. Capturing the perfect image requires a trained eye, appreciation for meal preparation, finesse and styling, as well as photographic skill, all of which I bring confidently into the process of showcasing appetizing art.

These days I refer to myself as an image consultant, often working in the arena of architecture, interior design, food and beverage where I supply lifestyle and food images to architects, interior decorators, advertising agencies, magazines, restaurants, resorts and hotels across South Africa and internationally.

Equipment quality and reliability is vital to sensational image capture which is why I exclusively use Canon Pro equipment, including 5 different L-series Canon lenses.

Though I’m a committed family man, devoted to my wife and daughter, I am also whole-heartedly dedicated to the projects to which I am commissioned whereby my clients can be guaranteed that the final output of the imagery is to the highest standard possible.